Research & Development

We are a research and development company that offers pharmaceutical contract research and development services. We have the necessary expertise and resources that will assist you in formulating the perfect formula to enhance an existing one or test the effectiveness and safety of your products.

In our pharmaceutical research services, we have a huge team of qualified and experienced scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and engineers who will help you in every phase of your study including research and development.

We can help you with:


We can help design and formulate products as per your desired requirements and objectives. We can work with different ingredients like vitamins, minerals, herbs, acid regulators, enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics and many more to give you the most effective formulation, flavour, and solubility.



We can produce your products in our modern facility that adheres to GMP, FDA, ISO, and other quality benchmarks. We can make your products into various shapes for example tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, gummies, etc. we can either scale up or scale down depending on the quantity you need and your budget preferences for it.



We can carry out different types of analyses in order to ascertain the safety, quality and effectiveness of your products. In this regard we can undertake analytical, microbiological, physical, chemical, and stability tests. Additionally, we will undertake clinical studies, questionnaires, and market assessment in order to verify the effectiveness, suitability, and necessity for your products.

packaging & lab

Packaging & Labelling

We will help you with suitable packaging and labelling. Our custom-made packaging will fit in with your brand image and the design parameters of your product. In addition, we can manufacture, stamp, and create labels with your logo, name, ingredients, dose, directions, warning, etc. We can also generate barcodes, QR codes, batches numbers as well as product expiry for your products.

As for our research and development, it is effective, affordable, reliable, innovative services. We use modern technology and tools that ensure quality for your products. Furthermore, we have solid partnerships as well as allies who will assist in overcoming any obstacles.

When it comes to your vitamins and supplements, you know that they have been thoroughly researched and developed professionally by Nutra Healthcare. Contact us now for free consultations to start your pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.

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